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The (QHC) now is from the first Libyan holding companies with huge capabilities and extraordinary smart superior leadership.
GTG entered the Libyan market as a specialized Procurement companies, servicing the mainly local market.


Our company now  possesses 4 Shopping Centers.


AL-Qudra Holding Company (QHC) commonly referred before as (GTG) due to its original name, it was first launched in Misurata city, Libya under the name of AL-Gwail Trading Group in the year 2005.
The group which was founded in 1998 and it was initially focused on the importing and distribution of Garments and leather products in Libya
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We are successful in attracting more customers because we offer the best competitive prices at all times. Our merchandise arrangement is very systematic which allows the customers to shop with convenience, and the customers can find all their needs under one roof.
We have deployed state of the art computer systems, Point-of-Sales to make the checkouts faster so that the customers don't have to wait in
the queues for long time.
September 12 | 2004
In the beginning of 2004, with the gradual development of the market, GTG made its first steps into pioneering, by signing an
agreement with DAEWOO's main agents (Jordan & Tunisia) covering Libya.
September 10 | 2006
In 2005, as the private market developed even further, strategic decision was taken to establish AL-Qudra Holding Company a
100% Libyan registered company, to take the place of AL - Gwail Trading Group.

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